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I LOVE reading! I love to review books.

My Rating’s and Review’s

My Rating’s and Review’s!


Hello. I just want to tell a little bit about why I blog. I do so because I really enjoy reading and I like to talk about the books–good, bad, or mediocre–that I read. I judge fairly. I don’t base my opinions on hype or what anyone else says. I read a book because I want to and, when I review it, I say what I think.

Like any other reader, when I read, I look for a good book. I look for a story that flows properly, remains interesting, and entertains. I look for well-define character development and world-building. I appreciate someone who has a flavorful view of their tale and is unafraid to say what they want and need to say.

So, I cannot speak for others, and the quality of a book will always be subjective to the reader and their wants and likes. I can only say for myself whether or not I think the time spent reading a book was worthwhile time.